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[Fancam] Hey! Say! Dream Boy! 2005 - Show time
this is love
Files VOB: 1.1 GB. Password-Protected links. Comment to get the pass. ^^

Hey! Say! Dream Boy! 2005 - Show time

Note: Do not re-upload them to anywhere without permission of mine.

May i have the PW? ^^
thank you !!!

can i request for the password plssss????
really really want to see this...

err..can i have the pass..


i would like to have the passwords too.
i got a few vids for HSDB too. and it seems like u got more den me.

Could I have the p/word please - I'd really like to see this one ^^

And thanks for sharing ^_^

sorry...can i have the password...

Asking for this pw, too :)


Kamechan is boy in my dream. Ha Ha

Thanks for your sharing.

and thank for your password.

AkaKame Forever. >______

I can't resist HQ! May I have the password, please?

can i get the pass? ♥

thankyou so much for sharing :) just wondering is this the one with KT-TUN (that is without Jin) and Kanjani8 (but without Ryo). I've got the ML version before but wondering if this is the same :p thanks

It's show time, hence both Jin and Ryo appeared. ^^

waaah, i'm sooo curious about it!(xD) thank you a lot for uploading ♥
can i have a password, please?(*_*)

can i have the p/w please Thanks!! ^^

Thanks for sharing

May i have a password?


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