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I'm totally obsessed with Kamenashi Kazuya of/and KAT-TUN. I'm an old yaoifan as well. So, if you have any problems (dislike, oppose, etc... with Kame-chan, KAT-TUN, yaoi or anything else relates to them), you are more than welcomed to say goodbye to this page.

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Important Note - 2011.02.08
mixmin199 hasn't been around since the end of 2008 and therefore this livejournal is kind of dead.
If you have questions regarding JOR, you need to contact vc_mel or beanybeans.
Almost all stuff shared in this livejournal should be available in JOR too.
Don't mistake me for mixmin199. I just have access to her account in order to take care of her old posts in JOR. I hope for your understanding.

~ Mel

this is love
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My list:
Favorite JE member(s): Kamenashi Kazuya
Favorite JE group(s): KAT-TUN
Favorite JE song(s): Precious One, Peak, Real Face, solitude ~Hontou no Sayonara~ (KAT-TUN ver.), Bonnie Butterfly (AKame duett), Tsukiyo no Monogatari,...
Favorite KAT-TUN member(s): Kame-chan, Maru, Junno, Jin, Ueda, Koki
Favorite KAT-TUN song(s): Precious One, Real Face, LOVE, GOLD, Bokura no Machi de, FREEZE,...

As you can see I can't answer all of everyone comment, but I promise to read all of them.
My video upload are not friend-lock (just something.. licensed manga, rambling, personal matter... will be locked).
I don't usually check before friending anyone, but plz note that If your journal is empty, I'll de-friend you anytime. ^^' And the last, please hold no offense if I do not friend you back. :)

* Note:
My divshare account was deleted. Plz don't ask me for the password anymore.

New Yaoi releases: Megaupload folder or Mediafire folder

Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God) manga
this is love
Free Image Hosting at

The raws have been found from google.

Kami no Shizuku vol 1-14 japanese + vol 1-16 chinese:

v01 c01 eng:
v01 c02 eng:
v01 c03 eng:

Feel free to do not download & spoil yourself *evil smile*

(not read yet *hix*)

For the love of Kame's lips
this is love

I'm slow with this
kiss me
The "Reasons to LOVE KAME" mass comment post (Aka: The KAME LOVE fest)

Kame = AMAZING!!! (you've known that without my saying XD)

New layout~
this is love
Finally, New Layout!!! :D Thanks to allwashedout   
This morning, I waked up, felt refreshed & wanted to destroy do to change something lolz The old layout is pretty but this simply new layout looks so appealing.

I have new SHINY DVD-RW too ^-^ Looking forward to my new KAT-TUN's performance collection ;) *am busying to cut, convert & re-upload* 2004-2005 must have the most fabulous performances in my opition.

2004.11.21 [SC] Messenger (poor Kame-chan ;__; but it's really a great perf)
2004.12.05 [SC] GOLD
2005.01.16 [SC] Japanese Medley
2005.08.19 [MS] Freeze + Seiten no Hekireki

My top favourite perfs XD

A few Kame-chan papa photo in QoP concert & DBS 08

Main post (updates 2008.01.24) - Q & A
this is love
Highlight Post

Live of REAL FACE concert (subbed by BNS): ♥ Love ♥
Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You: ♥ Love ♥
One-Pound Gospel ep01 - 2008.01.12: ♥ Love ♥

Password post: ♥ Love ♥ (This post is only viewable by 'Passwords for friends' group!!)

Fancam List 2004-2007 for exchanging: ♥ Love ♥

Some notes:
  • I won't sent the password to any email address.
  • If you have not yet got the password after 3 day, plz free to remind me at this post.
If you have any question, please reply to this post. I will reply as soon as possible. ^-^

I'm angry
this is love
'cause of this one

WTH!!!! If the profile is right, that person is 5 years older than me >______< Why the hell that person did it. Re-post my links without my permission & totally not credit. Insane! u.u gah~

Not get any news from danna. I'm worry about her more than my usual worries recently +__+

btw, if anyone on my mutual friend list want to de-friend me, plz feel free to do it. No hard feeling. ;) I'm totally devoted to JOR recently and have no time for my personal lj. Sorry for that ^^' Hence if you friended me for my updates before, you can de-friend me now.... To be honest, I don't think my lj is interested with anyone ^^''

EDIT: I'm speechless! :||||||

quotation from jesse2009 who used my links without my permission:

Sorry, didn't mean too.I thought the links belong to redleonette,but what's really the big deal.I'll give you credits if that what you want.

:| I honestly don't think I can be glad to see my links in her post now.

And she re-posts kokoro_chi's links without crediting (and permission as well, I believe) too:

This person... :|

EDIT 2: when I asked & reminded her about kokoro_chi's links.

her reply:
Cut me a break okay.I'll credit her.Why are you so uptight?It's not that serious.

lolz now I'm amused XD

and the wank continues

this is called "so rude" :| If you have the time to read my lj, why you couldn't read the comm's rules, the uploader's rules & the commenters' replies. *sighs* I don't want this problem makes my day bad and I have no time to argue with a person don't know what's right, what's wrong. -_-

Oh, and 'cause she deleted the posts. Here is KTF Making of post & Worst Date post .

and sometime I want to cry
maru love
without the owner post's permission, but here I am, put the link in this post. 'cause of THE AWESOMENESS OF IT!!!

sometime I want to cry and my heart is in pain. That's cause of you, Kame-chan! ;________________;

So sorry if I've neglected my f-list recently. I don't comment a lot *hides* but I hope everyone enjoy the fullness of everyday, both in RL or OL XD

btw, I discovered my love for Nakamaru Yuichi *coughtoolatetoannoucecough* gah~ He's SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >-< I said this with danna: Kame's my everlasting dream but if I must choose, I have to admit I'll go to Yuichi for the most ideal husband! u.u I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥


2008.05.14 DON'T U EVER STOP shop photos preview (Kame & Jin)
this is love
DON'T U EVER STOP shop photos preview (Kame & Jin)

akame forever

this is love
Here is the best quality version since it's leaked out to present, I think so. It's different with the previous 192kbps (4m10s) version that I've posted before. It's much better & clealer. ^-^ Although DUES has repeated on my player, hear the good quality version has been bringing to the new feeling. *on repeat endless*

DON'T U EVER STOP (4m12s - 192kbps):

kiss me
When I post this, I totally ignore my layout's limit.
BUT IT'S KAME. How I can help myself! SPAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops, I'm shipping KoKame too much recently
this is love

Overload of KoKame *blink*
this is love

The sweet revenge

smile. Smile. SMILE (XD)
this is love
Yesterday, I accidentally downloaded an Kame fanvideo made from Kame's BEST SMILE moments on ctKT. The author is an chinese fan, I suppose so. Although I don't usually keep the fanvideo on my HDD, this one is very nice. It makes me SMILE :DDDD & squeal & fangirling & want to ravish Kame-chan~~~ *crazy fangirl-mode*

And 'cause I'm in the Kame crazy fangirl-mode (when am I not? :|| ) a sexy dancer Kame is a nice bonus ne~

I always admire Kame-chan's dancing style. VERY MUCH!!!!!!  And while everyone say Jin teach Kame hip-shaking & blah blah stuff, I think that Kame is a person who led Jin. Remember Kame-chan is the first one made a hip-shaking in Okyakusama wa kami sama – Concert 55man nin AI no request ni Kotaete and Jin made a note about it in the back-stage video?! And Shounen Club, and concerts as back dancer period, etc... Well, I just want to clear about that fact 'cause seem like many ppl are having a wrong impression about it. ^^

While rock is my KAT-TUN's favorite style (before KAT-TUN, I did absolutely HATE the loud songs, rap, etc.. haha), I admire KAT-TUN's dancing style A LOT!!! I'm happy 'cause this time, they'll release a dancing style single. The truth, I become an KAT-TUN fan 'cause REAL FACE -Rockish song & KAT-TUN's Dancing style in concert. They shine on stage not like anyone else. GORGEOUS!!! UNIQUE!!! FABULOUS!!! SO MUCH LOVE~

haha. I'm in happy mood today XDDD Seriously, how many time did the Kame & Junno version out of print on CD Japan, HMV & Amazon?!!!

Get your pre-order while you can
this is love
KAT-TUN's 7th Single 「DON'T U EVER STOP」 Buy at [ CD Japan ] & [ HMV ]

Get your pre-order while you can 'cause Kame & Junno version was out of print at both CD Japan & HMV once. -__-; I don't know I should happy or worry. So GET YOUR PRE-ORDER before it's out of print once again.

Support KAT-TUN on Oricon charting by buying the official CDs from CD Japan, HMV & Amazon!

Edit: So Kame & Junno version was out of print at CD Japan TWICE <- the info was confirmed. XD

Lavender of Love... oh MaruDa~
this is love
KAT-TUN's 7th Single 「DON'T U EVER STOP」 Buy at [ CD Japan ]

Composition:Shusui / Fredrik Hult / Carl Utbult
Arrangement:Shusui / Fredrik Hult / Carl Utbult / Yukihide "YT" Takiyama*

*  Kame solo - w/o notice?? <- WEIRD indeed! *__* I didn't dare to believe the first but when mel says that title too. I MUST  believe. Kame-chan~ what the title!

*  Jin solo - LOVEJUICE

* Junno solo - Natsu no Basho

* Koki solo - Cannival

* Ueda solo - Ai no Hana (flower of love / love flower) <- it should be 「Lavender of Love」, isn't it?! *nods nods* XDDDD

* Maru solo - SMACK

news about KAT-TUN Style
this is love
KAT-TUN Style host by Jin & Junno ended with today's episode (2008.03.28).

From the next month (that means the next week), KAT-TUN Style will be hosted by Koki & Junno from Monday to Thusday per week. Kame will host KAT-TUN Style in Friday per week.


Junno said the members will shuffle in KAT-TUN Style, so this is to be expected. (when do we have akame hosting? X3 haha)

I hope you got the great time with JOR ;)
this is love
 How are you, my dear f-list? I hope you’ve had a good week. ;)

From 22nd March, 2008, jone_records was officially opening. There're many things that have yet to be updated, but we hope JOR will become a place for sharing the love between KAT-TUN's lovely fans & all members will have a good time with JOR.

If you have any questions or suggestions to JOR, plz feel free to post a comment in my LJ or send a private message to me or [info]vc_mel or dannatopus. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. ;)

As our biggest concern is to bring more KAT-TUN's love to the fans, we’ve received many supports from the uploaders, the translators & the commenters. Thank you all for your supports. *heart*

Currently, we’re in need of an English proofreader. As you will have to make corrections in grammar and sentence flow on translations, we'd rather you be a native speaker. It's not necessary that you have knowledge in Japanese or Chinese (though it's better if you do).

Edit: Thank you. We had two new proofreaders. *yay*

We always welcome any Japanese translator anytime. Please contact to me through this LJ or a private message or send an email to jonerecords [at] gmail [dot] com ( jonerecords @ gmail . com ) if you're interested. ^-^

jone_records's official openning
this is love
Welcome to jone_records (JOR)!

YES! It's been a long time in coming, but we’ve finally opened! We’ve tried our best to create something efficent and user friendly, in order to share the KAT-TUN love among their adorable fans all over the world.

Look around the place, check out our new pages, and excuse any small gliches or errors. There are a few things that are yet to be added, while other things ironed out.

Important posts:
After reading the rules (please read it carefully!), if you want, you can join JOR from HERE.

Because we have been updating many posts, plz excuse us if your friend-list is spammed. :)

Translations will be posted from tomorrow as well others posts. Plz looking forward to them ;)

Volunteer uploaders & translators
Official opening: 2008.03.22
The uploaders & Translators will be invited to join before official opening one or two week.

Dear vc_mel will be a new maintainer of JOR (aka. jone_records) - uploader + manager

Another maintainer of JOR: dannatopus - translator (Japanese - English)

Forever-lovely volunteer uploaders & translators, plz reply this post which one you can upload and which host you will upload or which language you can translate from :D (Ex: Chinese -> English, Japanese -> English or Korean -> English)


dannatopus : Japanese -> English
annneonet : Korean -> English
nono96 : Japanese -> English
bakarero : Korean -> English
annatanhe : Chinese -> English
mamechichi : Chinese -> English
malystrynx : Chinese/Japanese -> English
belfire : Japanese -> English
limbolimbo : Japanese -> English

: Uploader
MF : Mediafire
MU :  Megaupload
ZS : Zshare
SA : ShareonAll
4S : 4shared
US : Usaupload
BG : Badongo

Note: The softsubs & hardsubs files will need the permission from a subber or subgroup. If you don't want to ask the permission, plz let me know, we'll take care of it. ;)

EDIT: We need the mp4 files too. Any mp4 file is welcomed. <3  (raw concert, performance, pv, clip, show...)

Update 02.25: I opened a small private community for all mods, uploaders & translators & sent the invites to everyone, plz join it by accepting the invite from the Community Invitation Page before you can become a member of that community. Plz note that this comm is totally friend-lock & just available with mods, uploaders & translator of main comm (JOR). Thank you so much for your supports. ^-^

[Scan] FYTTE 2008.05 (Kame)
this is love
Free Image Hosting at

FYTTE 2008.05

Kame Blonde & some banners
Yeah, 'cause this entry of lip_stick_love, I suddenly remember about those pics - Kame blonde. I got them from... can't remember when but absolutely not recent pics, hence plz don't worry too much, sweeties <3

Bonus for kame-love heart XDDD

Oricon chart weekly (2008.03.25) + [Mp3] 2008.03.18 [DBS] & 2008.01 [Johnny Family Club] KAT-TUN
Oricon chart weekly (2008.03.25)

Weekly sales:

Single: LIPS







[Mp3] 2008.03.18 [DBS - 1 PM] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo - Hanasanaide Ai

[Mp3] 2008.03.18 [DBS - 6 PM] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo - Hanasanaide Ai

Image Hosted by

2008.01 [Johnny Family Club] KAT-TUN Film (5m51s)
[aka. Nakamaru Yuichi - the most "attracted attention" man in whole KAT-TUN.]

Other news:

2008.03.23 [Shounen Club Premium] KAT-TUN VTR

2008.03.21 Jin new Docomo CM

You can listen 23 original soundtracks preview of One-Pound Gosplel at HERE. It sounds very lovely~ <3

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
I just couldn't resist the cuteness of those pics X3 SO CUTE~~~

btw, I updated KAT-TUN Style after a long time no update. I really uploaded all newly eps but totally failed when posting them *hides* Plz check the tag radio: kat-tun style if you want to download. *winks*

Anyone can upload You! Tachi episodes or just KAT-TUN relation part for JOR?
I need Utawara full episodes or just KAT-TUN part only too. ^^

Last, plz check your setting for the Contact Info. If you send a private message to me, and want to get the reply, you must have a setting [ LJ user messaging - Receive messages from: Registered User ] in the case I'm not on your friend list. I received a lot of private message but when I wanted to reply, I couldn't send private mess back. -__- Hence, plz do not surprise if you waited & didn't get a reply from me in a long time.

Such an long entry. Sorry, my f-list. ^^'

KAT-TUN's new messages at JFC & [MP3] 2008.03.16+17 [DREAM BOYS] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo
KAT-TUN's new messages at JFC

DREAM BOYS 08 new photos

[Mp3] 2008.03.16 [DBS - 1 PM] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo

[Mp3] 2008.03.16 [DBS - 6 PM] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo

[Mp3] 2008.03.17 [DREAM BOYS] ACT 1-2 + Kame solo

I added the mp3 (2008.03.15) of Kame solo - INTO MINE new version & Next Dream at HERE.

2008.03.09 [Hi! Hey! Say!] DREAM BOYS report (1m03s)


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